Monday, June 17, 2013

First Concert This Thursday!!!

Dear All,

Great rehearsals so far! This weeks concert order is as follows. Notes may or may not follow in an email Wednesday morning. Good luck Thursday!

Triumphant Fanfare/Star Spangled Banner
Light Cavalry Overture
Hymnsong on Lowell Mason
On the Mall
Big Band Signatures
Pirates of the Caribbean
Irish Tune from County Derry
Glory of the Yankee Navy March

Special thanks to Dave and Charlie for agreeing to conduct this first concert. Also the band board members Paul, Paul and Tom for all of the behind the scenes work that will happen throughout the season.

If you did not pick up a shirt tonight please make sure to be early to the performance. Call time is 7:00 PM so we can tune, warmup or spot check. This concert will be held at the cook rose garden.

Reminder concert dress is black slacks and the provided LVB red polo!

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